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Faye L. Allard

Department Head, Social Sciences
Associate Professor, Sociology
 ǀ 215-751-8598
Office: BR-21D

Frank Bartell

Associate Professor, Anthropology ǀ 215-751-8447
Office: WE-15

Liz Canapary

Curriculum Coordinator Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice ǀ 215-751-8335
Office: B2-32

Ralph M. Faris

Professor, Sociology
ǀ 215-751-8348
Office: M3-04

David Freeman

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
ǀ 215-751-8303
Office: M3-09

Deirdre Garrity-Benjamin

Associate Professor, Social Sciences
ǀ 215-751-8343
Office: B1-02

Jamie L. Gusrang

Assistant Professor, Sociology
ǀ 215-751-8605
Office: W4-06

Lisa Handler

Assistant Professor, Sociology
ǀ 215-751-8512
Office: B2-46

Linda Hibbs

Assistant Professor, Paralegal Studies
ǀ 215-751-8908
Office: B2-44

William Love

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
ǀ 215-751-8546
Office: BR-34

Gary Mullin

Associate Professor, Political Science
ǀ 215-751-8865
Office: M3-23A

Christopher Murphy

Assistant Professor, Social Sciences
ǀ 215-751-8524
Office: W1-07

Lance Roxas

Assistant Professor, Political Science
ǀ 215-751-8568
Office: W3-08

Colin Ruggero

Assistant Professor, Sociology
ǀ 215-751-8563
Office: W3-13

Jennifer Schneider

Assistant Professor, Paralegal Studies
ǀ Office number: TBD
Office: TBD

Margaret Stephens  

Associate Professor, Earth Science and Geography
  ǀ  215-751-8869
Office:  W3-10

Nicole Vadino

Associate Professor, Sociology
 ǀ 215-751-8459
Office: W2-44

Stanley L. Walling

Associate Professor, Anthropology
ǀ 215-751-8848
Office: W2-51

J. Alison Watts

Assistant Professor, Sociology
ǀ 215-751-8459
Office: W2-44