Vaccinations and Testing

Due to City of Philadelphia mandates, anyone who comes to the College who is not fully vaccinated will be tested before they will be permitted on campus. Masks are required. Starting Oct. 15, all faculty, staff and students must be fully vaccinated. Please see our College COVID-19 Updates for more information.

Course finder faq

CourseFinder Frequently Asked Questions

What is my College placement level?

Your placement refers to the level of classes you are placed into as determined by your placement test. To search for courses in a specific placement, click on the College Placement search. If you are required to take courses in a specific program placement, your advisor or counselor will tell what your placement is and can help you select a category from the dropdown menu.

Can I add courses to my Web Registration Worksheet from CourseFinder?

No. To use the search feature that allows you to add courses directly to your Web Registration Worksheet, select Search for Available Classes in the Registration menu within Student Services.

How can I find all courses that are offered online?

Select the term you want to register for, select DIS - Distance Education as your campus location and click Search.

What does CRN mean?

CRN stands for Course Reference Number. It is a five-digit number assigned to each class section for each term.

On the Class Schedule Results page, what does X-List mean?

X-List is short for cross-list. It is designed to help you determine if some of the courses you want to take are being offered at conflicting times. In the X-List column, courses are cross-referenced by room number. The X-List shows you different sections of the same course, including class times, that meet in the same room and/or sections of another course within your subject search, along with the class times, that meet in the same room.

For example, if you are looking for an English 101 class, this column will list other English 101 courses, if any, that will be held in the same room, including class times. You may also find that a different English course, such as English 108, is held in the same room, and those class times are also listed. The X-List will only provide other courses within your subject search, such as English. Again, this can help you determine if some of the courses you want to take are offered at conflicting times. Also, this information may decrease the need to keep scrolling through your onscreen search for a class offered on specific days and at specific times.

In some subjects, two different sections of the same course are offered at the same time and at the same location. Each section has its own CRN, but both sections are combined into one room.

What are Link Codes?

Link Codes are used to link two courses together. For example, Chemistry labs and lectures are tied together by Link Codes, since you must take a lab with a lecture. If you search for CHEM 110, you will see this in the search results: Link: E1 (lecture) and Link Required: F1 (lab). If you click on the CRN, the Section Detail page will list lab courses to choose from, which are coded F1.

In the Section Detail page, what does the information under Capp Area Prerequisites tell me?
Capp Area Prerequisites tells the user, which can be College staff or students, what specific course(s) must be taken before enrolling in other courses. Prerequisites must be taken before a particular course; corequisites can be taken either at the same time or before enrolling in a particular course. If you do not understand what courses you need as prerequisites or corequisites, please contact Academic Advising at or 215-751-8777.

What does Section Restriction and Seat Reservation mean?

Section Restriction refers to sections that are restricted to students who are in specific majors. Seat Reservation refers to a certain number of seats assigned to students in a specific major.

Why are there no refund dates listed in the Section Detail page?
Depending on the time of year, refund dates may not yet be determined or entered into our system. The Academic Calendar in the front of the College Catalog also lists refund dates for the academic year.