Psychology Program

What is Psychology?

Psychology is a multi-faceted discipline that aspires to develop an integral body of knowledge acquired through rigorous scientific investigation that has broad application in everyday life. There are a diverse and valued array of psychologists in the field that contribute to this ongoing goal, some who focus on theory and test them through refined quantitative and qualitative methods; and others who focus more on the applying the body of knowledge generated by the field to improve the lives of all people to function as effective and productive global citizens.

Are you interested in Transferring to a 4-year institution in Psychology?

Community College of Philadelphia has transfer agreements in place with many colleges and universities. This makes the transfer process to a four-year institution as painless as possible. To see the list of schools that have transfer agreements for Psychology:

  • View the Transfer Agreements page
  • Scroll down and, under the Transfer Agreements heading, type "psychology" into the search box