Music Degree / Certificate Programs

A.A Music Performance

The Music Performance curriculum gives students a thorough academic and applied preparation in music combined with a liberal arts background. The curriculum is a transfer program structured to be compatible with the first two years of music curricula leading to the Bachelor of Music Performance degree offered at most undergraduate colleges.

A.A.S Sound Recording and Music Technology

The Sound Recording and Music Technology curriculum is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. Jobs in this industry include those of music producers, sound recording engineers, music production staff, artist agents, concert managers and many others for which both musical and technological knowledge are essential. This curriculum gives students a thorough academic and applied preparation for entry-level positions in the music industry. Students are trained in the use of industry standard equipment and software to provide them with the necessary skills for employment.

Music Production Proficiency Certificate

The Music Production Proficiency Certificate is designed to help students develop skills in music production, sound design, piano literacy, music theory and the music industry. The skills students acquire with this certificate will prepare them for work as a producer, recording engineer, sound designer, and/or songwriter. Students will be prepared to create original music productions that utilize proper signal processing and original sound design. Students who complete this proficiency certificate may continue seamlessly into the Associate in Applied Science degree program in Sound Recording and Music Technology (SRMT).

Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate

The Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate prepares students for a career in piano tuning and maintenance. Students in the certificate program are also enrolled in the Music Performance degree program, which gives students a thorough academic preparation in music combined with a liberal arts background. Students in the Piano Technician Proficiency Certificate will have instruction at Community College of Philadelphia as well as at piano stores and concert halls in Central Philadelphia, providing students the opportunity to learn and work on various instruments of quality and age.