Resources and Support Services


Counseling for students is available through the Counseling Center at the College. They are located in Room BG-7 and the phone number is 215-751-8169.  There are several allied health counselors as well as counselors that can meet with any student. They are available to discuss such topics as transfer opportunities, family problems, test anxiety, etc.

The Learning Lab for Science

The Learning Lab for Science can be found in room L1-39 and their number is 215-751-8482. The Learning Lab for Math can be found in room B2-36 and their number is 215-751-8481.  he Learning Lab for reading comprehension and writing skills can be found in room B1-28 and their number is 215-751-8480. The Learning Lab staff is prepared to assist students to improve study and math skills. Peer tutors are available for many courses and there is no charge to students for these services.

Career Connections

Career Connections is located in Room C1-34 in the Center for Business and Industry and their number is 215-496-6176. Students are encouraged to begin a reference file with this office their first year and update it periodically.

Academic Advising

Academic advising for MLT students is provided by Ekaterina Mashkina and Lynn Schaaf. Dates for advising will be announced each semester. Students will need to make an advising appointment online.