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Leadership + Education + Academics + Diversity = Success

Whether you're a first time college level student, a student who has completed your first college level course work or a seasoned student with leadership experience, L.E.A.D.S. has something for you. Our unique three-tiered leadership program is designed to instill leadership qualities into those students who have a desire to lead.


Philadelphia L.E.A.D.S - The Division of Student Development is rolling out a new Leadership Program. L.I.F.E. Leadership Program. The Student Experience should ultimately translate into bringing all theories to LIFE. The college process is filled with academic rigor to lead, innovation to stay ahead and on the cutting edge, and flourishing experiences to spark and awaken the yearning spirit within and bring out what is within - to educate.  The LIFE Leadership program is delivered through experiential learning experiences throughout the academic year. 

L - Lead - Discover various leadership styles

I – Innovate – Creative faculty partnerships and programming

F – Flourish - growing and developing students in outdoor experiential leadership activities, which ultimately provide a healthy and organic environment in which the student grows and tests their leadership skills

E-Educate – Working from the etymology of the word educate – educere - ‘lead out’. Giving the opportunity for students to nurture and grow their natural talents and abilities

We use CliftonStrengths? Why are CliftonStrengths important? What is CliftonStrengths? 

Using CliftonStrengths allows teams to move beyond an understanding of common "types" of people on a team. It allows for more specific insight into the natural talent of the individuals on the team and the collective strengths of the team.
Jenavia Weaver, M.A. Facilitated by CliftordStrengths Coach, Trained, December '22 
Director of Student Engagement
1) Earn another credential. Student Leadership Skills Certificate (Platinum Certificate - attended at least 5 sessions l Gold Certificate - attended at least  3 sessions l Silver Certificate - attended at least 1 session) Monthly Session schedule can be found on the Pride Portal 
2)Did you know? "The more actively engaged a student is the more likely they are to persist in their college studies and to achieve at higher levels".
3) Experiential learning. Learn outdoors, where leadership theory meets real-life practical application, dynamic speakers and innovative partnerships.     
4) Receive Philadelphia L.E.A.D.S Swag ( Sweatshirts, t-shirts, giveaways and more!)
5) Snacks and drinks provided during each session
6) Enrich your student experience at Community College of Philadelphia.