About Dean of Students

What does the Dean of Students do?

The Dean of Students is responsible for providing leadership, strategic direction, assessment and management of programs and services that enhance the overall quality of student life and student success, including development and retention. The Dean of Students is directly responsible for Athletics, Counseling, Discipline and Student Judicial Affairs, grant-funded initiatives, Student Activities, the Student Life Center, Student Success Initiatives, the Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center, Office of Collegiate Recovery as well as student leadership development, orientation and retention programs.

In short, the Dean of Students is here to advocate for all students and collaborate across the college to provide an outstanding collegiate experience.


To provide a myriad of intentionally designed programs, services, and activities that inform, empower and transform students through holistic personal and professional development experiences. Through collaborative efforts with internal and external constituents, Campus Life supports the College’s academic mission by providing opportunities to inspire and support students to achieve their academic, personal, and career goals.

Policies and Procedures: https://www.myccp.online/student-handbook/my-path-college-policies-and-p...