Register With the Center on Disability

The Center on Disability (COD) is the office designated to provide accommodations and promote equitable academic, social, and support opportunities for students with disabilities enrolled at College. To request accommodations based on disability, a student must follow the steps for registering with the COD.

The Center on Disability can assist students with disabilities by

  • Determining appropriate academic accommodations for your classes
  • Connecting you to campus and community resources that support your educational goals
  • Introducing you to adaptive technology that supports your academic goals
  • Facilitating your communication with faculty about your learning needs
  • Developing activities that support your goals

How to Register with the Center on Disability

1. Apply to the College and apply for Financial Aid

2. Submit Your Information to the COD

Submit appropriate documentation of your disability, along with a Student Information Form(MS Word Version), by email to . The COD needs this information to establish your eligibility for services, and it also helps us develop appropriate accommodations for you.

Review Documentation Guidelines

3. Do you need to take a placement test?

If you do NOT need to take a placement test, proceed to Step 4.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you were involved in a high school program that included modified assignments, modified tests (other than extended time), substantial one-to-one services, life skills support, or other modified instruction, please consider talking with the Center on Disability about the benefits of taking the Placement Test.  

If you DO need to take a placement test:

    1. Schedule a 30-minute phone/virtual appointment with a COD team member to discuss testing accommodation for the Placement Test only.
    2. Schedule your College Placement Test.
    3. Take the Placement Test and follow the next steps issued by the College.

    Learn More about Placement Tests

    4. Register for Classes

    Follow the registration procedures issued to you by the College.

    5. Schedule Initial Meeting with the COD

    During this initial meeting, we’ll discuss in detail your past and ongoing accommodations needs, as well as answer your questions about our services.

    6. Attend all follow-up meetings

    It is important to follow up with your assigned COD team member to ensure your success at the college.  

    Who Should Register?

    We encourage any student who had a 504 plan or an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), or who participated in special education services, to consider registering with the COD. Additionally, we encourage anyone with a documented disability who did not participate in special education services to contact us. Even if you don't think you'll need accommodations to participate fully in your academic program, we suggest connecting with us as an additional resource.

    When Should I Start the Registration Process?

    We encourage students to begin their registration with the COD as soon as possible after applying to the College or determining a need for accommodations. After the student has submitted information, it can take up to six weeks to review the information and schedule an appointment, depending on the time of year.

    At times, the COD staff may need to request more information from students, medical providers, and faculty as to the appropriateness of a requested accommodation. Delays in beginning the registration process, submitting supporting documentation, or responding to requests for additional information or meetings will delay accommodations and services.

    Students with disabilities should follow the standard application process established by Admissions. Disability is not considered in the application process, and COD registration has no bearing on your application outcome.

    Your Responsibilities

    As a college student, you should be prepared to:

    • Meet the requirements for admission to the College, which might include achieving the requisite scores on your Placement Tests
    • Identify yourself to the COD as an individual with a disability
    • Provide information to the COD that establishes your eligibility for accommodations and supports your need for requested accommodations
    • Complete the required work associated with your classes, and maintain your eligibility to participate in your academic program
    • Use the resources available at the College to support your studies
    • Fulfill the essential requirements of your academic program
    • Behave in a manner that is consistent with the College’s Code of Conduct
    • Immediately contact the COD if you have any concerns about your accommodations
    • Self-advocate

    Rights and Responsibilities in Seeking Accommodations

    For more detailed information about rights and responsibilities, view the Rights and Responsibilities in Seeking Accommodations.