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Digital Course Materials

Community College of Philadelphia and Barnes & Noble have partnered to offer what we call “Digital Course Materials” courses, which use digital materials instead of physical textbooks. Students pay a discounted e-book rate, and the materials will be available on the first day of class. This reduces overall costs for students, who receive the lowest price available for the course materials.

Courses Using Digital Course Materials

The following table lists the courses have been designated to use digital course materials along with the costs of these materials versus the cost of a printed textbook:

CourseEstimated Cost of Digital Course MaterialsEstimated Cost of Standard Printed TextbookSavings
Accounting 101 (ACCT 101): Financial Accounting$105.00$125.45Save $20
Accounting 102 (ACCT 102): Financial Accounting$105.00$125.45Save $20
Economics 181 (ECON 181): Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)$75.00$112.00Save $37
Economics 182 (ECON 182): Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)$75.00$112.00Save $37
Allied Health 101 (AH 101): Intro Health Care Professions$80.15$130.45 Save $50 
Allied Health 112 (AH 112): Med Admin Procedures$80.15$176.80 Save $97 
Allied Health 113 (AH 113): Exam Room Procedures I$80.15$245.35 Save $165 
Allied Health 115 (AH 115): Exam Room Procedures II$80.15$245.35 Save $165 
DIET 106 (DIET 106): Nutrition for Healthy Life$72.00$86.65 Save $15 
DIET 111 (DIET 111): Introduction to Nutrition$87.50$104.30 Save $17 

The costs and cost differential is subject to change.

Policy on Billing for Courses Using Digital Course Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How and when will I be charged for Digital Course Materials?

A: The cost of the digital course materials will be added to your student account at the time you register.

Q: My payment is due before I have the option to opt out. Do I need to pay for Digital Course Materials by the payment due date?

A: Yes. The Digital Course Materials will need to be paid or covered by financial aid (based on your financial aid eligibility) by the tuition payment deadline.

Q: What happens if I don’t pay the Digital Course Materials charge(s) by the tuition payment deadline?

A: If you do not pay your tuition and Digital Couse Materials charges by the tuition payment deadline, you may be dropped for nonpayment.

Q: When can I opt-out of the digital course materials when I register for a course that has a digital course materials fee?

A: Students may opt-out as early as the first day the course is available in Canvas. Students can also opt back in, but must do so within the first two weeks of classes.

Q: If I opt-out or drop the course(s), will the Digital Course Materials charges be removed from my student account?

A: Yes, but only if you opt-out or drop the course(s) before the 20% mark of the term (three weeks into the 15-week term or the equivalent 20% for 7 and 10-week terms). Digital Course Materials charges will be removed in full if you drop or withdrawal from the associated course(s).

Q: I’ve signed up for the installment payment plan, what will happen to my future payment plan installments if I opt-out?

A: At that time your account is adjusted for the opt-out, your future installments will be reduced by the reduction in charges divided over the remaining unbilled installments.

Q: I opted back in, how does this impact my student account?

A: If your account was adjusted for the opt out before you opted back in, then any new charges incurred for opting back in are due at the time you make the change. If you are enrolled in the tuition payment plan, the new charges will be split over the remaining unbilled installments.