Community College of Philadelphia Lion Card - Terms and Conditions

The Lion Card is a multipurpose card that also serves as the official Community College of Philadelphia ID card. The ID card is the property of the College and should be carried with the cardholder at all times. The Card is not transferable; altering or lending the Lion Card will subject the cardholder to disciplinary action. An individual using a Lion Card that does not belong to him/her will have the Card confiscated and face disciplinary action. The College reserves the right to disclose Lion Card records to law enforcement officials and the appropriate College officials.

Once the cardholder places money on the Lion Card, an electronic declining balance account is established for which the cardholder is subject to rules and regulations determined by the College. All sale transactions are debited electronically from the Lion Card account. The cardholder shall be responsible for observing the debit transaction at the time of the sale and for monitoring the current account balance. Each individual cardholder is responsible for managing his/her declining balance account. The Lion Card declining balance feature is like cash and must be protected. A cardholder must present the Lion Card and swipe in the appropriate card reader to obtain products and/or services.

There are no transaction fees for using the Lion Card and no interest is earned. The Card’s declining balance feature is not a credit card. Cash refunds and withdrawals are not permitted. The unused balance left on the Lion Card at the end of a term will remain on the card for use during the next term.

The return of products/services purchased with Lion Card funds will be credited to the Lion Card account unless the College or its business partners mutually agree to other methods of reimbursements.

Purchases will not be permitted when card readers are malfunctioning or offline. Purchases will not be permitted if a Card is not recognized by the card reader or has insufficient funds. Cardholders are responsible for payment of all purchases including those made when the system is offline or when card funds are insufficient. In the event of a negative balance, the cardholder will be notified via e-mail stating the negative balance and the transactions that caused the balance. The cardholder will be given 30 days to pay the negative balance, after which a hold will be placed on his/her College account preventing registration and transcript requests. The cardholder will be notified by e- mail when the hold is placed on their College account and when the hold is removed.

The cardholder must report any errors or disputes to within sixty days of the occurrence. The College’s helpdesk will require the cardholder name and ID number, description and dollar amount of error, and an explanation of the dispute. The College will investigate the matter within 45 business days of notification. If an error is found, the College will correct and notify the cardholder with documentation. If no error is found, the College will provide a written explanation to the cardholder.

Student cardholders who have graduated or officially withdrawn from the College can request reimbursement of their Lion Card account balance. Employees who have permanently separated from the College can request reimbursement of their Lion Card account balance. A $10.00 processing fee will be deducted from the account balance prior to reimbursement. If the remaining balance is $10.00 or less, the balance is forfeited as a processing fee. Reimbursement requests must be made via e-mail to ; or students can access the Student Refund form including directions on the Lion Card website. Upon approval, the reimbursement check will be mailed within four weeks to the address specified on the refund form. After one year from graduation, withdrawal or separation from the College the cardholder forfeits the remaining account balance if a refund request is not received.

A Lion Card account with no activity for more than a twelve (12) month period will be considered inactive; the balance will be forfeited and the account will be terminated.