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I come from Puerto Rico, so the easiest way to transfer my credits and not have a big student loan was to come here to CCP. I was looking around at other colleges and CCP seemed like a really good fit for what I was looking for—and I heard good things. I’m glad I did.

My major here is Health Studies, but I may be changing to Nursing. I love helping people and giving back. Coming here changed my life for the better. I did not have the best experience with the professors in Puerto Rico. I felt like they didn’t really care about us. I haven’t encountered a professor here at CCP that doesn’t care. Every single professor cares for me and we have a strong connection. They always reach out and help—and that means a lot to me. This experience has changed my life for the better. My next step is to transfer to Temple University and finish my BSN in Nursing after graduating from CCP next May!