After high school, I neglected the fact that ‘college is to further your education’. I just started working, but after a while you notice you’re living check to check, and having a career is a different thing. So, I ended up here at Community College. I’m 26 years old, and I’m happy to be here right now. My major is Engineering. After I get my associate degree here at Community College, I can transfer to Drexel and continue my education there. I’m trying to decide between Civil and Electrical Engineering.

The College has been great! One thing I learned here is the more you get involved, the more you get back. The College has helped me in so many ways—especially from the Student Engagement Center. Everybody just wants to help the students and they have the students’ best interest at heart. It’s never too hard or too late to ask for help here. I’m part of Black Student Union (BSU) here at the College so the more clubs and more people I involve myself with is a better college experience for me!

Editor’s Note: George’s ultimate goal is to work overseas and travel to different places utilizing his degree, while helping build up communities.