After high school—I failed out of college, so I went into the Marine Corps.  I did that for nine years, then got out and worked for the government as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the Department of Justice. From there I worked oversees working on various assignments as a contractor with the State Department and private entities. I eventually decided to pursue my dreams goals: going back to college. I moved back here [the States] and looked up the closest school near me, and it turned out CCP was in walking distance. I checked it out and it so happened summer session II was beginning that Monday, so I signed up!

I’m pursuing a double major here in Biology and Psychology. My ultimate goal is to go to the University of Pennsylvania so I can study law and neuroscience. I have met nothing but great teachers, students and staff alike. It’s just been phenomenal—just the way classes are taught here, they really want you to pass! The teachers really want you to succeed. I came here and learned a new perspective of how to learn. I look at learning differently now.