“CCP [Community College of Philadelphia] came to my high school. I graduated from Agora Cyber Charter School. I was out of school for a year, and then I came to CCP because it was cheaper and a fast way to get acclimated to the college life. I took two English classes here and then was nominated to go to the honor society here—that’s why I’m in the Liberal Arts - Honors program. I’ll be graduating with honors and I’m part of Phi Theta Kappa [Honor Society].

I’ve been dyslexic since I was little and CCP’s Learning Labs department is great! I broke my arm four times too, so I have arthritis, so when I take tests that are written, I can type them instead of going through the pain. I love the Learning Labs department. The teachers here are so great—my Honors teachers here were absolutely over the top! They still contact me to see where I’m going to go. It’s like a family!”

Editor’s Note: Marissa will graduate from the College this May 2018. Marissa has also been part of the College’s KEYS program.