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Publish Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 2:07pm
Author: Abdullah Pullin

At Community College of Philadelphia, you’ll find many clubs looking for ways to be recognized or young entrepreneurs, media makers, and business owners struggling to get their medias off of the ground. This is in part because they don’t know how to advertise on a place where we spend almost all of our lives, online. There’s a way to fix that. Over the summer, CCP has held a few events, one of which being Millennial Media Makers of Color’s event ‘The Art of Virality’, an event organized on the 21st of August by a writer for Philadelphia Magazine, BET, and the Metro, Ernest Owens, and he gave us his “commandments” on how to conduct your online presence.

On social media, we can be a bit reckless with our content or our voice being to loud or too quiet, even the Vanguard is guilty of that. When it comes to virality it can make or break you when it comes to advertising. For the art of virality, there are ‘the 10 Ernest Commandments of Online Branding’ and all of them are... more

Catching up with: Francesco “Fraal” Tesei

Publish Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 2:22pm
Author: Abdullah Pullin

What exactly has former CCP student, Francesco Tesei (Fraal) been doing this summer? If you guessed “touring the country with big-name performers in rap,” you’d be correct. This summer he’s made quite a name for himself as a trilingual rap artist, speaking Italian, English, and Spanish, performing on stages across the country. Right now, Tesei sits at home in Italy, awaiting to take his next step in his educational career at Temple University. I got a chance to talk to him about the cross-country tour he was on over the summer.

Tesei left CCP this past spring. Soon after, he released an EP and began setting up concerts in New York City and Denver. Those two, along with a few cities in Italy, including Rome and Catania in Sicily, “were all different from each other, especially the ones in Italy,” Tesei says. He gained more love and respect from the cities he assumed he would be less successful in when it came time to step on stage. Tesei described Denver as being “packed”... more

How Much Does A Helping Hand Cost?

Publish Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 2:29pm
Author: Didier Delphin

The Institute for Community Engagement and Civic Leadership (ICECL/The Institute), is devoted to volunteerism, community partnerships, and service learning. This storehouse — filled with effervescent energy of goodwill — roots itself on the main campus of Community College of Philadelphia. Liken to head-of-household, there are two key individuals at The Institute who devote their time and effort captaining a goal towards a great cause – Michelle Lopez, program coordinator and Raia Santos, co-coordinator. Through Ms. Lopez’s long career of volunteerism with previous organizations and her position now here as coordinator at the college, she has enabled many individuals to achieve unimaginable goals.

On August 3, 2018, the ICECL held a workshop facilitated by Ms. Santos at the college’s Winnet ‘Student Life’ Building, where students who attended were able to learn more about community service volunteering, while being exposed to a plethora of organizations that hold such... more

College for free?

Publish Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 1:34pm

It seems that, as the 21st century economy shifts into an increasingly demanding environment for the average American citizen, the prioritizing on services which remain under the faucet of federal funding have been reconsidered. In the case of Pennsylvania higher education, students are beginning to feel the trickle-down effect of federal budget cut-backs: tuitions are hiking up. As though providing affordable education to even the average Philadelphian youth population has become a voided generosity: public schools from several lower-class residential neighborhoods have been locked, closed, and sold for retail development.

A figure from the Community College of Philadelphia’s informational titled Largest Tuition Increase Ever launched in July of 2004, illustrates that: “Graduates of Community College of Philadelphia are some of the most employable residents in the city.  A two-year degree or certificate can produce valuable workers in today’s

IF YOU HAD A KEY... more