Student Voice — Dual Enrollment from a Student Perspective

By Shamika F., an 11th Grade Dual Enrollment Student

“My experience taking classes at the Community College of Philadelphia has been great! I’ve had the opportunity to enroll in college courses and begin taking classes as a high school junior in the fall of 2017. So far, I have taken Juvenile Justice, Pre-Calculus I and Philosophy. Throughout my academic career at the College, I have met many students who are just as work-oriented as I am. I’ve learned from the opinions of my classmates as well as my professors' lectures. I also gained many valuable skills, including time management, self-advocacy, communication and some important leadership skills. I am proud to say that I am a 16-year-old who is taking college courses with people twice my age. Dual enrollment has given me a head start on my college credits. When I apply to universities and for scholarships, administrators will see that I am college bound. I also feel more freedom, because I am allowed to leave my school building and have full access to the entire College campus. It shows that my school believes that students like me possess integrity and are capable of great things.”