Community College of Philadelphia Officially Adopts Spring Garden School

On January 2, the Institute for Community Engagement and Civic Leadership officially adopted the Spring Garden School, a K-8 grade school led by its passionate Principal, Ms. Laureal Robinson. The school is located less than a mile from the College in a quaint building that is home to a dedicated teaching staff and almost 300 bright and beautiful children. The Institute plans to host an array of volunteer programs with the school, and invites the entire College community to participate.

The families of the Spring Garden School are looking forward to our presence at future events, including Field Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, their Book Fair, parent engagement activities and more. The College is offering various opportunities for those who cannot contribute their time, but would like to give back. There will be donation drives for the upcoming school year focused on collecting uniforms, books and recess equipment, and yearbook funding.

The Institute is proud to partner with the Spring Garden School and looks forward to making a lasting impact in its community.