Institutional Assessment

Student Walking Across Campus

As described in Assessment Plan: An Overview of Efforts to Understand Institutional Effectiveness at Community College of Philadelphia, assessment efforts at the College are far-reaching and undertaken in many areas of the College. The Institutional Assessment website provides a centralized point of access to information on institutional assessment procedures and results. The Planning and Assessment Linkages chart demonstrates the interrelationship among the College's Mission, institutional planning documents and institutional assessment efforts. As a foundation for planning, assessing mission and institutional effectiveness, institutional improvement and self-study, the following are areas of assessment routinely addressed by the College.

  • Institutional/College-wide Effectiveness
  • Course Level Outcomes
  • Academic Program Level Outcomes
  • Student Achievement of General Education/Core Competencies
  • Administrative/Support Unit Effectiveness
  • Financial and Operational Effectiveness

An Institution-Wide Assessment Committee is tasked with the responsibility of monitoring overall assessment as it relates to all of these evaluation efforts. The Committee maintains an on-line Assessment Library that contains information/reports that are routinely used by College staff
to support decision making and planning.