COVID-19 Campus Update

As public health concerns surrounding COVID-19 continue to grow, Community College of Philadelphia has made the careful decision to move coursework to online or other remote alternatives, beginning March 30 through the end of the spring semester, and to keep Main Campus and its Regional Centers closed through at least May 6, 2020. All courses remain suspended through March 30, 2020. Students will receive details on coursework from individual instructors. Faculty and staff will be issued guidance by supervisors. At this time, the commencement ceremony for spring 2020 is postponed. The College will continue to update you via email, web updates and text alerts as this situation evolves during the closure. During this time, please follow all CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of this virus and remaining healthy, including hygiene recommendations, social distancing practices and remaining home when you are sick.

Judith Stark Creative Writing Contest, Fall 2019 Winners

Below are the winners of the Judith Stark Creative Writing Contest for the Fall 2019 semester. Thanks to all the students that submitted! Keep an eye out for the contest when it returns in Spring 2020. Congratulations to all the winners!


  • First: “A Bruja’s Inheritance”
    aria Valerio
  • Second: “Black Ballerina” 
    Ontaria Wilson
  • Third: “Noble Truth”
    Benjamin Haklay
  • Fourth: “Mighty Feet”
    Sheila Burton
  • Fifth: “Loneliness”
    Maya Holman


  •  First: “Pink Blob”
    Sean Mooney
  • Second: “The Invincible Boy"
    Rosa Maria Sanlate
  • Third: “Dear Charlie”
    Fulani Bah
  • Fourth: “The Coward”
    Anna Piaia
  • Fifth: “Under the White Feathers”
    Laura Chiu


  • First: “Transgender Troops Serving Openly and Military Readiness”
    Joey Antohi-Craciun
  • Second: “A Symphony of Sorrow”
    Teresa Marquard
  • Third: “The Flag”
    Carolina Canola
  • Fourth: “The Silent Struggle
    Taahira Davis 


  • First: “The Job”
    Anna Piaia
  • Second: “Why'd You Only Ever Phone Me”
    Shanna Hackett
  • Third: “Acceptance”
    Nandia Clarke


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