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The Division of Part-time Studies at Villanova University welcomes transfer students from Community College of Philadelphia. Villanova University consistently finishes at the top of its region (North) in the U.S. News & World Report rankings of America’s best colleges and universities. 

Guaranteed Admission Program

This program is designed to facilitate the transfer of Community College of Philadelphia students into Villanova University’s Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) part-time degree program. Graduates who have earned an approved Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree from the College can enter the BIS degree program having already satisfied many of the degree’s core curriculum requirements, except for requirements outlined below in the General Education Requirements section. Community Collge of Philadelphia graduates entering the BIS degree program must go through Villanova University’s Division of Part-Time Studies transfer admissions process and must meet all of the applicable Villanova University Division of Part-Time Studies requirements and deadlines pertaining to admission, orientation and registration.

The following Community College of Philadelphia degrees are approved for this transfer program:

A.A. Liberal Arts—All Options
A.A. Communication Studies
A.A. International Studies
A.A. English
A.A. Psychology

Advantages of the Guaranteed Admissions Program

  • $25 application fee waiver.
  • Accelerated FastForward Track option. 
  • Community College Scholars 20% tuition reduction program for each course taken at Villanova (for a total of six semesters) - available to students who graduate with a 3.3 grade point average or higher. 
  • Phi Theta Kappa scholarships for part-time students pursuant to this program. A varying number of renewable scholarships are available. A 3.5 grade point average is required for consideration. Eligible students must enroll immediately following graduation from the College and must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program. The number of semesters for renewal will be based on the student’s grade level upon enrollment to Villanova University. Non-U.S. citizens and students with previous bachelors’ degrees are not eligible.
  • Opportunities to meet with a Villanova University BIS program representative on a regular basis for advising and assistance with transferring.

General Education Transfer Requirements

  • Students who have earned an approved A.A. at Community College of Philadelphia must graduate with a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Community College of Philadelphia graduates must enroll in Villanova University’s BIS degree program within one (1) year of graduation from the College; they may not attend another institution of higher education between the time they graduate from Community College of Philadelphia and enroll at Villanova University in the BIS degree program. 
  • A minimum of 50% of courses required for the degree as well as 50% of the selected major courses for the BIS degree must be completed at Villanova University. 
  • Community College of Philadelphia graduates must take the following two courses at Villanova University: THL 1000 and ACS 1000. 
  • Students must also complete the following at Community College of Philadelphia or Villanova: ENGL 115 (Community College of Philadelphia) or COM 1100 (Villanova), MAT 251 or PSYC 167 (Community College of Philadelphia) or MAT 1260 or 1230 (Villanova), PHIL 101 (Community College of Philadelphia) or PHI 1000 (Villanova), PHIL 211 (Community College of Philadelphia) or ETH 2050 (Villanova). 

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree can be earned in one of the following majors:

General Studies

Students with a major in “General Studies” will take advanced courses in one of the following areas: Humanities, Social Sciences, or Independent General Studies (self-defined major). Humanities Area includes courses in: Art History, Classical Studies, Communication, Education, English, French, German, History, Peace & Justice, Philosophy, Theology, Spanish, Theatre. Social Sciences Area includes courses in: Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology. Extraordinarily flexible, the major in General Studies is ideal for students who have a broad range of interests and also for those students who want the freedom to develop their own course of study in line with their personal and professional interests. View more information.

Information Systems

The “Information Systems” major emphasizes the application of computing technology in today’s workplace. Students will be challenged to program, work with database systems, and understand computer and system designs while also studying business areas such as financial information systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP). This major is ideal for adult students who wish to make use of technology to effectively meet the needs of a business, industry and/or organization. Too often individuals have a myopic technology view or business specific knowledge. This major will develop skills to bridge an important gap needed in today’s evolving and maturing marketplace. The curriculum requires a combination of core courses and courses from the Department of Computing Sciences and the Department of Decision and Information Technologies. In addition, there are Information Systems courses designed specifically for this major. Required for the major are 10 courses from the above areas and 5 courses in Information Systems Environment (courses will be designed to reflect the interests of students, i.e., pharmaceuticals, local governments, small business, enterprise resource planning/ERP, human resources, and manufacturing). View more information.   

Leadership Studies

The “Leadership Studies” major is designed to address key issues most important for leaders in today’s corporate arena. These areas include globalization, rapid scientific and social change, advances in technology and the growing diversity in the workforce, clientele, strategic partners and community. Depending on personal and professional interest, students will also be able to fill in free electives with courses in business, information systems, communication and others. The major consists of 10 specific required courses which are Foundations of Leadership, Strategic Planning for Leaders, Leadership and Community, Leadership and Technology, Ethics and Leadership, Industrial/Organizational Behavior, Organizational Communication, Leadership in a Diverse and Global Environment, Negotiation and Decision Making, and the Leadership Capstone Course which is the culminating, senior experience for the program. View more information

Media & Technology

The “Media & Technology” major offers a strong academic experience for students to communicate effectively within the context of media technologies. Today's global economy relies heavily on digital technology, amassed information, and visual communications delivered over the Internet. This exciting new major explores communications from the artistic to the technical, increasing student’s understanding of how various technologies are used to effectively sell and market. The Media & Technology major will provide the communication and technology competencies to help students contribute further in their current organizational role or advance to other opportunities. It will develop them as leaders able to think, work, and communicate strategically with the application of media technologies. View more information.  

For more information about the program, contact:

Ms. Mary Bustamante
Director, Part-Time Studies
Villanova University 
Telephone: 610-519-4300

Mr. Brandon Alan Dorfman
Associate Director, Part-Time Studies
Villanova University
Telephone: 610-519-4300