Accreditation Resources


Proper accreditation resources support compliance, support assertions, and provides efficencies.

The accreditation inventory is an organized repository of documents, processes, and procedures and serves as a college resource in the following ways; it:
The Document Roadmap is a tool to help the College organize relevant institutional documentation to create an Evidence Inventory aligned with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Standards and Criterion for accreditation.

  • Provides a repository for documenting College compliance with the MSCHE Standards for accreditation.
  • Provides an opportunity to monitor MSCHE Standards for Accreditation Criteria that lack sufficient documentation.
  • Provides efficiencies in launching the upcoming self-study process.
  • Provides opportunity for renewal of material evidence, supporting the currency and sustainability of documentation in compliance with the MSCHE expectations.

A well-organized evidence inventory is fundamental to monitoring institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement.

Use the following link to submit documentation. The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) will review submitted documents, confirm relevant Standards and Criterion, and archive as part of the Evidence Inventory.

Click here to upload your Document Roadmap.

Click here to view the MSCHE Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation.