Office of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff Goals 2017-2025

Goal 1:  Improve communication, inside the College and beyond, to enhance institutional effectiveness.

Supports: Internal/External Relations Pillar; Student Experience Pillar.

Objective 1: Increase awareness of data and other information

Objective 2: Increase understanding of data

Objective 3: Increase sharing of information (receiving and providing) to inform decisions

Objective 4: Expand connections, inside and outside of the institution.

Objective 5: Increase user satisfaction with events at the College with a goal of 100% satisfaction          

Objective 6:  Increase quality educational programming for cablecast on CCPTV.

Objective 7: Regularly assess and report on campus climate and diversity programming, educational efforts, training, and visibility.

Objective 8: Establish and monitor systems within the College for generating feedback from students, faculty, and staff pertaining to diversity.

Goal 2:  Support positive and creative “disruption” of the status quo to identify new ways to accomplish institutional priorities.

Supports: The student experience pillar; Internal/external relations pillar; World-class facilities pillar; fiscal stability/sustainability pillar.

Objective 1: Develop new mechanisms to enhance exploration, investigation, creative thinking and action.

Objective 2: Increase innovations that explore new ways to accomplish institutional priorities.

Objective 3: Create an online learning virtual campus.

Objective 4: Expand online learning to underrepresented areas.

Goal 3:  Ensure professional development and training to optimize institutional outcomes.

Supports: The student experience pillar; Internal/external relations pillar.

Objective 1: Increase satisfaction with professional development.

Objective 2: Increase attendance at professional development offerings.

Objective 3: Increase use of information from professional development.

Objective 4: Increase diversity of options for professional development.

Objective 5: Increase educational and professional development related to diversity and inclusion for faculty, staff and students (i.e. diversity dialogues, diversity certificate program, diversity week, etc.).

Goal 4: Create and support partnerships and alliances that provide mutual benefit.

Supports: Internal/external relations pillar.

Objective 1: Expand opportunities for relationships

Objective 2: Document/expand unique, successful relationships.

Objective 3: Develop and strengthen partnerships with diverse communities and groups locally, nationally, and internationally. In particular, continue to explore possibilities for international students.

Objective 4: Continue to develop K-12 partnerships.

Objective 5: Expand Institute of Community Engagement & Civic Leadership through service learning.

Goal 5: Anticipate technology opportunities and leverage technology to enhance institutional success.

Supports: The student experience pillar; Internal/external relations pillar; world-class facilities pillar.

Objective 1: Increase faculty use of Canvas to 100%.

Objective 2: Increase substantive use of Canvas for instruction and assessment.

Objective 3: Increase faculty/administrative exposure to “new” technology so that faculty and administrators are aware of options.

Objective 4: Establish consistent assessment of new technology initiatives to document efficacy and shape future expansion.

Objective 5: Further develop Open Educational Resources.