Colonial Card

The Colonial Card functions as Community College of Philadelphia's ID card. Cardholders can deposit money onto their Colonial Card to activate a declining balance feature.

Paying For Purchases With Your Colonial Card

  • Colonial Card funds are accepted as payment in the bookstores, copy machines, cafes and at select  vending machines.
  • Discounted printing services are available in Business Services (BG-15) to customers who pay with Colonial Card funds.
  • Students can purchase discounted tickets and passes at the Student Life office using their Colonial Card funds.

Paying For Parking

Colonial Card funds can be used to pay for daily parking in the Main Garage.

  • The card holder must have a minimum of $5.50 (the daily parking rate) on their Colonial Card before entering.
  • Card holders with a $5.50 balance on their card will swipe their card to open the garage gate when they enter and when they exit; the $5.50 daily parking rate will be deducted from their Colonial Card balance when they enter.
  • Card holders attempting to 'swipe into' the Main Garage will not be able to do so if their card balance is less than $5.50. They will have to take a ticket to enter the garage. The ticket will have to be paid at a pay station before exiting.

Colonial Card FAQs

What is a Colonial Card?

The Community College of Philadelphia ID card is called the Colonial Card. The card offers a declining balance feature that works much like a debit card except cash withdrawals are not allowed. The cardholder loads funds onto their Colonial Card and then uses card funds as payment in the College's bookstores, cafes, Business Services, Student Life, select Main Campus vending locations and the Main Garage.

How do I get my Colonial Card?

Returning students who do not have a Colonial Card must provide proof of registration and a valid photo ID to Security when requesting a Colonial Card. There is a $10.00 fee for replacement cards.

During Academic Welcome events Student Life will provide directions to new students for obtaining their first Colonial Card.

New employees will receive directions from Human Resources regarding how to receive a Colonial Card. Current employees who do not have a Colonial Card ID should report to Security to obtain one.

How do I load funds to my Colonial Card and view my account?

The card holder can load funds onto their Colonial Card in person with cash; or online with a credit or debit card. Also card holders can invite a guest to make deposits to their account (see the next FAQ for details).

Cash can be deposited to a Colonial Card at a 'cash to card' valueport machine. Valueports are located outside the Colonial Cafe on the Main Campus and in the main lobby of NERC. Card holders should follow the directions on the valueport; card holders will receive a receipt of their deposit and their account balance at the end of the transaction.

Card holders can add funds online with a credit or debit card by selecting the Deposit to Account option on their account. Students are directed to their online account when they select Colonial Card under Campus Life on MyCCP; employees are directed to their account when they select Colonial Card under General Links on MyCCP. The Colonial Card link also offers the card holder options to view their Current Balance and Transaction History.

Cash and online deposits are limited to $500.00 per transaction. However, card holders or guests wishing to deposit more can do so with an additional transaction. Funds are secure as long as the card holder reports a lost or stolen card immediately.

How can family or friends make deposits to my Colonial Card?

A card holder can give guest deposit privileges to family and friends of their choice. First the card holder must access their Colonial Card account by selecting the Colonial Card link on MyCCP and then selecting Invite to Deposit. A unique link will be created for the guest to deposit funds with a credit or debit card to the card holder’s Colonial Card account; the guest can copy the link to their browser to make future deposits.

What are the benefits of using the Colonial Card?

  • Safe and convenient way to make purchases at the College without carrying cash.
  • Students can purchase discounted, museum passes and special event tickets in Student Life offices only with their Colonial Card funds.
  • Purchase a wide range of discounted printing services in Business Services (MG-25)
  • Expedite entering and leaving the Main Garage by paying with Colonial Card funds...just swipe your Colonial Card through the card reader (card balance must be $5.50 the daily parking rate upon entry).
  • Eliminate the need to carry change by using your Colonial Card funds for payment at specially marked vending machines on Main Campus.

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems with my Colonial Card?

Card holders who have problems using their Colonial Card or making deposits to their Colonial Card account should contact 4ITSupport at 215.496.6000 and select the Colonial Card menu option; or e-mail .

What should I do if my Colonial Card is lost or stolen?

It is the card holder’s responsibility to report a lost or stolen Colonial Card immediately to ensure that funds on the card are protected. Card holders can report a missing Colonial Card to College Security at 215-751-8111 or by selecting the Report Lost Card option on their online Colonial Card account. Students will access their account by selecting Colonial Card under Campus Life on MyCCP and employees will access their account by selecting Colonial Card under General Links on MyCCP.
The Colonial Card is the card holder’s official College ID and should be secured at all times. College policy prohibits sharing or loaning your Colonial Card to anyone.

Can I withdraw cash from my Colonial Card?

Card holders cannot withdraw cash from their Colonial Card account balance; however, card holders can request a refund of unused funds on their card when the cardholder permanently separates from the College. Students are eligible to request a refund of their Colonial Card account balance when they graduate or officially withdraw from the College. Employees can request a refund of their account balance when their College employment is officially terminated.

View the Colonial Card Refund Form for refund details. All refund requests must be made within one year of the qualifying separation. A $10.00 processing fee will be deducted from the card holder's account balance prior to processing the return; accounts with less than $10.00 cannot be refunded. Questions regarding refunds should be directed to

What are the Colonial Card terms and conditions?

It is important to read and be familiar with the terms and conditions before using your Colonial Card declining balance feature.  View the Colonial Card terms and conditions.