Open Educational Resources 2022 Initiative Application

Open Educational Resources 2022 Initiative Application


Brief Description

This initiative is focused on increasing the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) by academic faculty at Community College of Philadelphia. OER are educational materials that are available to students at no cost under an appropriate license. With textbook prices rising at three times the rate of inflation, and many students struggling to make ends meet, OER align with the Student Experience pillar of the Strategic Plan and the social justice aim of the College.

OER materials can include textbooks, videos, simulations, assessments, lecture notes, etc. created by experienced professors. These materials can be selected in any way to meet the needs of the students and faculty. This enables faculty to choose what to emphasize in their classes, rather than being dependent on a textbook publisher’s decision regarding which concepts are important.

In these ways, OER can have a direct and immediate impact on the high quality education students receive at Community College of Philadelphia.


  1. Faculty who have not started using OER but who are interested in the fiscal wellbeing of their students.
  2. Faculty who are currently using OER for one course but would expand the use of OER to another course.
  3. Prior approval is needed from Department Head and Dean.  If textbook is decided by the department, it will not be approved.


Participants will be awarded a stipend of $500 when the Expectations (below) have been met.


1. Develop a course using OER with assistance from Online Learning and the Library. Course may be face to face, hybrid or online.

2. Check in with facilitator weekly until course has been completed. Course must be reviewed by Department Head during the process and Dean upon completing to ensure the materials are appropriate for the subject matter. The course should be completed and reviewed by a facilitator.

3. The course will be approved by the Department Head and Dean to ensure materials are appropriate.

4. Share any electronic materials to Canvas Commons. 

5. Conduct the course for two semesters between Spring and Fall of 2022.

6. Facilitate distribution of a student survey 

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