New Database - ProQuest Central

The College Library now subscribes to ProQuest Central, which includes the databases listed below (and also listed individually on the Database A-Z List, from the homepage)

ProQuest Central

International Newsstream
Canadian Newsstream
U.S. Newsstream
Global Breaking Newsstream

Biology Database
Computing Database
Military Database
Science Database
Telecommunications Database

ABI/INFORM Collection
Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection
Asian & European Business Collection
Business Market Research Collection

Social Science
Criminal Justice Database
Education Database
Library Science Database
Linguistics Database
Political Science Database
Religion Database
Social Science Database
Sociology Database

Health Research
Health & Medical Collection
Family Health Database
Health Management Database
Nursing & Allied Health Database
Psychology Database
Public Health Database

The Arts
Arts & Humanities Database

Research Library
Australia & New Zealand Database
Continental Europe Database
East & South Asia Database
East & Central Europe Database
India Database
Latin America & Iberia Database
Turkey Database
U.K. & Ireland Database
Career & Technical Education Database
Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database (CBCA)